They are becoming more numerous by the day it seems. Last night, on the way back from our walk, we encountered two young lads, one of whom has been on the site for a few weeks. This friend wanted to take pictures of all the dogs, especially Dave. Albanians are crazy about fighting dogs although Dave is not much of a good example. A posse of Albanians appeared as I was giving Dave his shot and drip earlier. They loved to peer into the compound, however, I warned them that Boris was nothing like Dave and likely to have their hand off if they were stupid enough to poke it through the fence. Fortunately, most Albanians appear to be frightened of dogs which is a good thing. There is always one dog here all the time and Millie makes an excellent guard dog as I discovered last night. Someone was wandering around too close to the storeroom so Millie was in full voice. I came out to see what the fuss was but there was no one around by then. The word will get about pretty quickly.

There is no arrangement for me to do anything other than hold the keys so I wonder how many more Albanians will be coming.
Yesterday and today were both warm and sunny with temperature under the awning of nearly 30C – very nice! I have spent most of the day working on setting up another weather website as I think this one offers more of the features I am looking for and is also regularly updated. Indeed the guy who created and designed the site templates has already emailed me three times this afternoon. He is obviously very bored as he replies almost immediately. He is in Brno in the Czech Republic but speaks excellent English. He also speaks some French too I understand. He has put a lot of work into developing this weather site and to make it so that people with little web site knowledge are able to make something functional and attractive. For those who have more knowledge, it is possible to customise the pages as well.
Our evening walk was quite energetic as Micky was waiting, as usual, outside the gate. There was lots of running about so with full stomachs and plenty of exercise, they should be out for the count.
Another reply has just come through from Jachym in Brno. I think he might be desperate for a call…


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