Still light in the sky and it’s 18:30. I noticed this on my way back from the shower. Due to cold wind and some cloud, the shower was not anything like as hot as yesterday when it was really quite warm and sunny for most of the day. Today it never got very hot under the awning however it was perfectly comfortable sitting out there working.

Boris seems to have his little alarm clock set earlier each day as he is prancing about even before it’s light enough to see properly. Not a problem tomorrow as we need to be out early since Dave and I are going with Antonis on a trip to Chania to see the vet. It should hopefully be a fairly speedy visit as we are there for a routine blood test and to get some supplies. More special diet food, plus potions and pills. At least Dave likes his pills and takes them without protest. He actively seeks his Vetmedin tablet which I give him first thing in the morning when I come for Charlie and Millie. We are also going to an electrical wholesaler to try to get a suitable box to put on the wall for all the gubbins. During the journey, Antonis says we will discuss my ‘erection’, my latest plan to protect the east end of the awning and make life less noisy in the van when there’s a strong wind.
I have been developing my new weather page which resides under the existing one on the server. It is by no means complete but you can view it here. The mobile version needs a little work so it may not display correctly on your iPad. This site is capable of giving much more information as it works with a database of all the weather data collected since the station began in June 2014. Jachym, the developer, is not a native English speaker so I intend to tidy up some of the language so that it reads a little better. I have yet to finish setting up all of the pages so you have to take it as it is. I spent time this morning uploading all of the data. Unfortunately, there are gaps due to problems with power cuts, Internet outages and equipment failure but I have data for three winters and two summers. The wettest winter was 2014/15 but there’s no surprise there. I was not collecting data for the first winter which was 2013/14. This winter is the runner-up in the cold and wet stakes. I shall still keep my original weather website but will put my efforts into developing the new one as it has more potential.
There was a flurry of activity this morning sorting out payment of Matthew’s tax bill. It has now been paid so he is in the clear until July when the second payment is due. Fortunately, I did not make enough money last year to require any payment.
I’m sitting here with Obi’s head resting on my leg with his nose almost in the keyboard. Fido is lying parallel to Obi and producing some extremely unpleasant odours from his bottom which unfortunately is pointing in my general direction.
Time to eat something before I asphyxiate!


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