Vet trip

Boris was up at 06:25 and so was I. We had a bit of a quick walk so I had time for a cup of tea before Antonis arrived at 08:00. Obi and Minnie were absent at the end of the walk but Minnie appeared just as Antonis arrived so was put in, without any food to concentrate the mind… Obi was out until I got back.

The vet ran the usual tests and everything seemed to be going well until they noticed something with his blood. The vet checked it under the microscope to verify and confirmed there was a problem. We have to go back again next Tuesday to see if there is any change. I bought a load of supplies so my wallet is only just recovering. I’d not run out so wanted to make sure I had enough as it’s a trek over to Chania and €20 each time.
After the vet, we went shopping for a wall box for my electrical stuff which should arrive on the bus later in the week. Antonis will collect from the bus station.
It was raining in Chania but sunny in Grammeno as I could see from the camera. The dogs were all in one piece when I got back and Obi was pleased to see me and to resume his place on the dog rug.
I had some food followed by a little rest and then played with my new weather website until it was time to take them out for the evening walk. In the sun it has been warm, but in the wind, it’s very cold.


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