Welcome to February!

Welcome to February! Κάλο Μίνα

A beautiful, warm, sunny day. I have even rolled down the side of the awning tent to let in some air.

Georgia came to the camping last night as I saw her pickup when I went to fill Dave’s water bowl at bedtime. I helped her to empty and clean some of the large oil containers earlier. She has quite a few olive trees elsewhere so uses that oil for the camping in the summer. It’s a pity I bought myself 13l recently as she offered me some.
She told me about the Albanians in the reception block and it looks as though we are going to have some more pretty soon. I had a feeling she would not be able to resist the easy money from the Albanians.
Apparently, the workshop is going to be emptied out in the next couple of days so I imagine there will be even more junk for me to have to fall over. Maybe they will take the opportunity to get rid of all the rubbish. I won’t be holding my breath on that one.
I’m sitting in the sun with my laptop on my knees. My tranquillity was disturbed by the arrival of Micky who likes so come for a barking contest with Boris. Boris is always happy to oblige as you would expect. Micky was following Georgia as she came to the workshop to look for oil containers. Micky and I had a little conversation later so it’s quite quiet at present.
I’m tinkering with websites and enjoying the warmth. It got up to 30C under here earlier but cooler since I opened the window.


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