Dog training

Now that my insides have stopped being on the outside and I am able to do more, I’ve been getting a bit of dog training going again. Whilst I was incapacitated I was concentrating on getting the job done as best I could. Recently I’ve been watching some more of Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer episodes and getting back into training mode.

Our daily visitor is becoming a bit of a nuisance so, knowing that Maria or Georgia will certainly do nothing about him, I need to find a way for all the dogs to survive reasonably well together. Dave is outside the compound but he is not bothered by Micky. The others just want to chase him back home when they get the chance although, singly, they will happily play with him. Just like little boys in the playground really. As a gang, they will pick on the minority, as individuals they will act differently. This afternoon I let Fido out into the camping to play with Micky. They were playing happily together whenever I saw them. The problem comes when Micky decides to stand outside the compound and bark at the dogs inside. Boris is unable to resist, so soon they are all barking like mad things. This afternoon I decided to be on the outside with Micky to stop him from barking and let those inside see him calmly sitting outside. Quite difficult when there are so many dogs inside as it only takes one or two to set the whole lot off. I managed to get Luis, Fido and Obi to sit calmly on the inside of the fence whilst I sat with Micky on the outside. Boris would not let go and worked himself up into a state. I’d tied him to one of the decking supports to prevent him getting to the fence. At one point he bit his tongue so was straining on his rope barking with blood issuing from his mouth! Quite a sight but he was not put off. Another problem is that the Brown Dogs attack Boris when he gets out of order so I deal with that by means of one of the hoses and a single jet of water. That usually sorts them out and I can stay at a safe distance without worrying about getting bitten. Quite easy when there are four dogs, all at it together. It’s quite hard to keep track of all the teeth in their relationship to my fingers.

It was cooler today although the morning looked promising it became overcast later. Still plenty of water for a hot shower despite the competition from the ever-increasing number of Albanians. I see one is now in one of the Small Cabins. I have the keys so can heat water whenever I wish…
All is now quiet as the dogs are in their beds except for the Brown Dogs and Boris, who are in with me as usual. I have read the Riot Act so they all know that there will be trouble beyond their wildest nightmares if there is any growling or unpleasantness.


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