A bit battered

Following yesterday’s gymnastics on the stairs, I feel a little battered today. After our conversation, I fixed the stairs firmly to the decking and bedded the lower part of the frame onto the sand. The stairs are now rock solid and it’s possible to go up and down with ease and no danger of them toppling over.

Georgia came to see me yesterday afternoon to invite me to a meal with her, Maria, and Manolis and Litsa, his wife. Not her brother Manolis but the couple who have the van on the camping. During the meal, we got to discussing dogs and the fact that I still have ten of them. Georgia asked me how I was coping with them and I replied that things are much better now that I’m fitter. Manolis mentioned that some people had complained that there was a lot of barking from the dogs on the camping. At this point, Georgia said that, as a dog-friendly camping, customers must expect a bit of barking and that if they were unhappy, they might like to look elsewhere. She also mentioned the possibility of opening up my compound to take in some of the field next door where, in the winter, there are sheep. She said she might mention it to Christina, the owner when they speak next.
It was a nice meal so I didn’t need anything much to eat for the remainder of the day. The evening walk was a bit later than usual since I got involved in checking over the PC which they use in their accommodation.
Micky has been quite active today and paid us several visits: the same as yesterday. This has a destabilising effect on both my dogs and Georgia’s. I mentioned this to her yesterday and suggested it might be a good idea to take Micky to see the German vets the next time they visit. I like Micky but he is a bit of a nuisance as he is free and all the other dogs are in compounds. He delights in winding the others up and being petted by the ever-increasing number of Albanians. I see that another of the Small Cabins has a couple more of them today. I ended up tethering Boris as well as putting the collar on him as he was getting so wound up by Micky’s visits. Luis, I shut inside this afternoon since he cannot resist any opportunity to make some noise. All in all, today has been a little stressful. Only the Albanians and a French couple in a large camper remain, now that the others have left after the weekend.
Maria and Georgia were leaving as I returned from the evening Dave walk. Georgia returned my keys, which Maria borrowed earlier since it would appear that I have the only key to the linen room. She told me they were going back to see a friend whose father had died suddenly from a nasty disease contracted from the sheep and goats he kept. She also mentioned that there was a lot of meat in the freezer, left over from the summer, so she planned to cook it all up so that the dogs could have a massive feast.
I’m in charge again, with my little Albanian empire. Georgia warned them that Dave is very dangerous and should not be approached. A ploy to keep them out of the storeroom. I wonder if I will ever see a door put on that storeroom…


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