I wandered down to see how the Frogs, who arrived on Saturday, were doing. We ended up having a nice long chat in the sunshine as well as a glass of beer. They were due to depart tomorrow morning but have now decided to stay a further two nights. A retired couple. He worked for the SNCF, the French railway, and retired at 55, as soon as he could. They sold their house, bought a flat as well as the motorhome they spend most of their life in. For two people it is ideal with a bedroom at the back, ensuite shower and loo. They are able to camp anywhere they choose and be self-contained. They can sleep five if they need to and plan to take various grandchildren away to the seaside in the summer. They go away for the winter and then back to France in the Spring and summer. They have a small dog which got on well with Obi and Micky.

Other than the washing, the Frogs and the arrival of another Albanian, the day simply disappeared becoming cooler and windier towards the afternoon. Rain is forecast for the early morning so I may have a wet walk first thing. Antonis just contacted me to say that his partner will be coming to Chania to get some paperwork sorted out, so we may be back later than usual. We also need to visit the arc welder shop as his welder has gone wrong yet again. He spent €180 (£160) on it just before Christmas.
I’m surrounded by sleeping dogs and need to put something to eat together.


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