Where was the rain?

The forecast promised rain in the early hours which did not materialise. I woke up quite early as there was lightning over the sea. I finally got up to walk the dogs just before 6am. I was back by 7 so got a chance to have a cup of tea before Antonis arrived. We then when back to Paleochora to pick up his girlfriend and then off to Chania, his broken welder on the back seat with the missus. There was some light rain as we travelled over the mountains and a little more in Chania.

The vet was pleased to see Dave and got on with the blood test. He got the results and then called the cardiologist to see about changing the medication. I exchanged the Vetmedin capsules for chewable tablets as I have to give half in the morning and evening. 100 capsules cost €60 however 50 chewable tablets cost €45. Unfortunately, the capsules are no good for Dave. We are back to 200ml saline drip every day as the vet had reduced it to 100ml alternate days. Dave is not getting enough fluid through his system which is damaging his kidneys because of the Furosemide which is now reduced from 0.3ml to 0.2ml three times each day. Antonis was waiting for his girlfriend so I sat and drank tea with the vet and we put the world to rights.Today’s bill was only €16 and he paid for the tea!
The box I ordered from the electrical store last week, which was delivered by the bus, was not what I wanted so we returned it and got something else much bigger and better quality. I could see from my camera that it was raining at Grammeno and 6.1mm fell during the middle of the day. The sun was shining as we pulled into the camping.
Dave needs to go back to the vet next week when hopefully we can pick up Antonis’ welder from the repairers at the same time. Today’s visit enabled him to deliver the welder and do a couple of other jobs, his girlfriend to sort out her paperwork and Dave to go to the vet. Very efficient.
For some reason, Luis has migrated from the bench seat and is sharing Boris’s bed on the floor. Strangely, Boris is pushed up one end and Luis is lying on the bit opposite the hot air vent. Luis gets 2/3 and Boris gets 1/3. I’m sharing with Fido and Obi who is lying alongside me as I type. It’s late as I’ve been talking to Matthew about a new website for him so I’d better get something to eat and perhaps a glass of wine.
Matthew says the weather in Lewes is not all that special…


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