The rain was late!

Yesterday morning’s rain arrived this morning as I awoke to the sound of pattering on the van roof. More than 11mm of precipitation by the time we went out for our walk somewhat later than usual. Fortunately, it dried up when the sun came out so I reckoned that there would be plenty of hot water this evening. I was wrong so ended up taking a lukewarm shower at around 7pm.

I seem to have spent a lot of time on the telephone today and have just had a conversation with Edward who told me about the holiday and his plodding duties. He is talking about the possibility of coming out here at the beginning of the summer but needs to find out how much leave he will be getting as he plans to go to Canada in August. He seems to be enjoying his job at the moment and reckons to be in Crawley for a while.
Micky came for our walk this evening and was waiting fairly patiently by the workshop. The Brown Dogs and Dave were tied up to the tree outside the storeroom and Micky was coming right up to them. Boris still gets very excited although the Small Dogs were relatively calm. Micky escorted us through the camping which made things quite demanding so I released the Small Dogs as soon as I got onto the beach. I let the Brown Dogs off later so that the entire pack could enjoy chasing Micky back across the beach. We were right at the other end of the promontory when I spotted Obi crouching down behind some bushes. Micky was close by, waiting to play hare and hounds as usual. They all ran after him and chased him the length of the promontory right back to the camping. Minnie caught up and stayed so I had to put her to bed when she finally turned up. I gave her food to her and put her to bed when I got back from my tepid shower.
It’s heading towards nine so I’d better get some food I think.


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