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Eleanor sent me a link to the Reeves images which I thought were very good. It’s surprising how much things have changed even since the 1970s. I hope there are other sets in the future.

I was quite concerned for Captain Onedin last night as he got involved with Turks and collecting pumice from the erupting Santorini, just around the corner from here. His Turkish host was assassinated and it all got quite complicated at one point. Nevertheless, he managed to extract himself to return to England in one piece. I have a Dutch version of the Onedin line which does not have episodes in the same way as it was shown on TV in UK. Each part is about 90 minutes so, in a way, gives more continuity.
The ground is drying out nicely so I am looking forward to the forecast rain tomorrow afternoon. It has been sunny and warm today but I put on the heater for the water when I came back from the evening walk. I’ve had two unsatisfactory showers in a row.
The French couple left today after their five-day stay. They have plenty of time before going back to France.
As I was feeding the dogs, Antonis appeared with some tomatoes. I had complained that the supermarket ones were a bit tasteless so he said he’d bring me some. I mentioned that there is only one of me as I saw the huge bag he left for me. They are not ripe so I will put some in the fridge to slow them down, some in the sun to speed them up, and some outside to ripen more slowly.
I spoke to Terry on the phone today as he is off to SA tomorrow. He was catching me up with his medical situation. I put him on with Dave so that they could have a chat about their respective heart conditions.
All dogs comatose and snoring…

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