It is still windy and likely to remain so for the best part of the week. Lots of flapping tent outside.

Antonis came by to tell me that his car is off the road due to a damaged steering rack. Fortunately, he has another car so he can take one from there to fix his. We might not be going to Chania on Tuesday unless he can fix it by then. He needs the car for his work so will probably get on with it.
The first bicycle repair of this Albanian Season took place just before the Dave Walk. The guy’s harmless enough, probably talked to those here last year, and did most of it himself. It was only a puncture.
Obi is back in the fold having been officially shunned during the walk and shut out of the camping on the beach again. I saw him sitting hopefully outside the kitchen where the Albanians were cooking, begging for scraps. Tonight he came up to me as I was putting the others to bed in the storeroom and stood there whilst I put a lead on him. Last night he simply ran away when I offered him the opportunity to come back. I took him in, put him in the Small Dog enclosure, and gave him some food. There is one of the igloo kennels in there so he can get out of the wind and spend the night considering the error of his ways. He doesn’t score high enough to get into one of the insulated houses at present. He will go for a walk on the lead with Minnie and Charlie. Another two that don’t come back at the end of the walk. At least they come to the compound gate quite soon after though. Cooling his heels in the Small Dog enclosure for a couple of days and another night outside, should make him appreciate more the luxuries of being allowed the privilege of being inside, sleeping on the bench and central heating.
Time for a glass of something…


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