I might have mentioned that Antonis brought me a load of tomatoes on Thursday. Some, I knew, were not in good condition so this morning I decided to chop them up to make tomato purée. Then I decided to add some onions and garlic and some herbs and then some lentils. I have eaten some of it and can pronounce it very nice as I decided to have two bowls full. Not very big bowls: those Tupperware bowls you bought about five million years ago.

It has been windy today with the highest gust so far 70km/h (50mph). The wind has also been quite cold. Indeed I put on a scarf when I went for the morning walk. Neither Obi, Minnie nor Charlie were let off the lead so it was nice to have them all together at the end. I captured Luis just before the end to ensure that he was there too. He likes to wander around aimlessly to be the last back. Obi was not happy to have spent the night outside in the igloo kennel, however, I took him a blanket at bedtime. He has been in with the Small Dogs all day rather than lounging in comfort with the other Brown Dogs. He can stay out another night to get the message home and another day in with the Small Dogs too. Then maybe he’ll see which side his bread is buttered.
Luis has just been confined inside as he derives pleasure in lurking by the fence to start a chain reaction. Micky has been quiet today and has not been to visit. Perhaps as a result of being soaked with the hose yesterday evening. Boris is tied to a long line with a collar so has now given up and gone to his bed. Millie has been told to shut up as she has a very loud bark indeed. I’ll take them for their evening walk at 17:15 when I can be sure that most people have gone home and we have the place to ourselves. It’s a bit tricky in the afternoon as they have been in all day so full of energy. They also get excited not helped by the presence of Micky who generally escorts us to the gate with the beach.
Terry email to tell me he’d lost his mobile at the airport and wanted a number for the company so that he could report it missing. They arrived in SA only today I think.
It has been sunny so the awning tent has been warm enough. The wind, out of the sun, is very cold however the Small Dogs, Dave and Obi appear to have survived being outside and the other wandered in and out at will.
It’s going to be cooler and windy for most of the coming week so I reckon I’ll be burning a bit of gas in the evenings. I must remember to put on the water heater for a hot shower when I get back from the walk as it was a bit chilly yesterday evening.
Going out for the evening walk now so need to get my scarf on. I may even resort to socks and boots again tomorrow morning.


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