You just wouldn’t believe it!

That so few Brown Dogs can take up so much room, but they can. When I returned to the van after my lovely, hot shower, I found the three Brown Dogs spread out occupying 2/3 of the rear seating of the van. Totally exhausted as they are from chasing Micky for all they are worth.

It’s been one of those strange days where there are clouds lurking over the mountains with a strong wind blowing the rain over the coastal section. There was bright sunshine but moisture from above sometimes pattering on the van roof. Definitely wet in any case. Fortunately, it stayed mostly dry for both walks if you don’t count a little drizzle. We had some lovely rainbows though.
In the sun it was fine but the wind was as cold as can be. Also, you wouldn’t believe you could get chilblains in Crete. Wrong, you can – no problem!
Without the awning tent it would have been extremely difficult sitting outside due to the wind. The wind has not been as strong and annoying as yesterday. I didn’t have to try to keep hold of the food bowls this evening to stop them from blowing away.
I fiddled with your computer earlier removing loads of chat line messages. I have previously unsubscribed you from the OVA group, however, messages were still arriving, filling your inbox with rubbish. I have now set the rule to delete any future messages and unsubscribed you once more.
Tomorrow will be windy in more ways than one as I am about to eat some more of the lentils I cooked up on Sunday. I put two lots in the freezer, however, there wasn’t enough room to put in the third container so it went in the fridge. I have a large bowl over a saucepan of water sitting over the lowest flame on the gas to heat it through.
Last night was pretty chilly as the minimum temperature fell to 7.4C whereas it has not dropped much below 12C for a couple of weeks. Lucky Obi was inside last night or he might have found it very chilly in the open igloo kennel alone. Obi has spent a lot of the day inside, snuggled up on the dog blankets on the rear seats. Obviously making up for lost time.
I think my lentils are done so I’m going to pour a glass of wine and feed my face.


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