Very windy again: 50 mph gusts

We went to Chania this morning as planned. Antonis was able to get the driver’s window of his car fixed in an up position however the replacement part has yet to arrive. He also managed to get some other things done whilst I was at the vet. The boss was not there today so no drinking tea and putting the world to rights. His very capable colleague Fortini was there to look after Dave. The usual blood tests which showed that his kidneys are in better shape in response to reducing the dose of Furosemide whilst increasing the saline drip to 200ml daily instead of 100ml alternate days. An ophthalmologist, a colleague, was there, and he took a look at Dave’s eye and recommended a treatment. Another little task: two drops, twice each day. The medication is derived from his blood. Fortini took a large syringe full, centrifuged it, added the magic component, and gave it to me in two smaller syringes for application.

We do not have to go back for three weeks. Antonis was a little disappointed when I said we didn’t have to go back sooner. He said that the money, €20 (£17), was handy to help with his car expenses, but he would miss the company and our chats during the journey. I suggested that perhaps Dave and I could come along just for the ride.

I knew it had been windy at Grammeno as I had checked the web cam and looked at the weather website. The gusts at that time were around 68km/h and have only now started to move into the 70’s. I had something to eat followed by a little relaxation after the strenuous morning.
Micky was absent for both walks again today however he was there to greet us as we returned. Georgia was showing a new customer to another of the Small Cabins. We will soon be full up again like last year. We seem to have a better class of Albanian this year though. I would not fancy living in one of those cabins in winter as they are not at all insulated and only one blanket is supplied. Temperatures have dropped to 7C recently with an apparent temperature of around 2C. I suppose I could lend them some dogs to snuggle up with and keep warm at night.
As I was feeding them, a new Albanian called Andy appeared with the same bike as I saw the other day. The front tyre is still leaking so it looks like the repair either did not work properly or there is another leak. Andy is proud of the fact that he learned English at school in Albania and was keen to chat to me. I explained that 18:20 on a dark, windy evening was not a good time for me and suggested he might return the following day around 4pm when I might be more amenable to conversation and cycle maintenance. He disappeared, I put the dogs to bed and went for a nice hot shower. I had put the water on early so to be sure it was hot for me and also due to the ever-increasing number of customers.
The wind is still blowing…


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