More Albanians!

Georgia arrived last night but has got to return to Chania for an unexpected doctor’s appointment. Following her surgery, eighteen months ago, she has regular consultations with the surgeon, who just happens to have come over from Athens. The second chalet has been let and the people are supposed to arrive this evening. Hopefully, they will now arrive tomorrow as I really can’t be bothered to go wandering around in the dark showing them the chalet.

There are two more small cabins and then we’re all full up. Unless Georgia decides to let the Isobox and the very dilapidated caravan. If it were warmer they’d probably be in tents. She told me that this year they are not providing sheets as they all had to be disposed of last year due to the green powder which comes from the tomato plants. She told me that they will have to buy their own bedding. I can see that working well and look forward to the state of the blankets and mattresses when they all disappear when the summer visitors arrive. This year the Albanian Season will be shorter as Easter is earlier and in synchronisation with the rest of Europe meaning more visitors from Northern Europe.
It has been sunny and warm requiring the tent to be opened at both ends and me to wear shorts and only a T shirt. The Albanian, with the unlikely name of Elvis, came with his bike. We uncovered the other hole in his front tube and I patched it whilst he tinkered with the dynamo and the gears.
The sun is rising at 07:09 and is now behind the island south of the Paleochora port entrance. Soon it will be behind the Paleochora peninsular and then to its summer location behind the mountains. By the end of March, when the clocks go forward, it will be rising at 06:20 which will become 07:20 after the change. It will also be back behind the town by then too. Summer is approaching and hopefully, the days will start to get warmer and less cold at night and in the morning. I’m getting fed up putting on boots and a coat to go out with the dogs. I don’t need a coat once we’re back as the sun is doing its stuff by then. I’m certainly getting used to the heat and find winter quite cold.
Minnie is still out with Mickey so she and I will need to have a little conversation. Certainly, food is off the menu and she might be lucky to get in with Heidi if she comes back very late. I suppose it is Friday night though. Obi is lying beside me asleep.


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