Out to lunch

The day continued sunny and warm yesterday however the Albanians had used all the water by the time I came to have a shower. As Maria has my keys, as I have the only key to the laundry, I was unable to put on the water heater. I plan to make a copy of that key next time I go to Chania.

Last night was a lot calmer than the previous one due to the fact that only Luis and Obi were in the van. Those two don’t make a sound. Fido was confined to the outside igloo house in the Small Dog compound and Boris is tied up and confined to his. The night time temperatures stay around 10C so a dog can easily be outside especially as they are outside most of the year anyway. Fido has finished his punishment so is back in the fold once again.
The day started cloudy but improved as the morning went by. I got in first with the hot water and had a shower around 15:00 as I didn’t want to get caught out again with a luke-warm shower. Georgia came to tell me she had a new battery for her computer whenever I was available to put it in. The computer kept forgetting the date and time and all its settings. I said I would do it there and then. She had some fresh fish from the port in Paleochora so we sat down to a meal of fish, salad, feta, bread and wine.
The Mediterranean style of cooking is so practical. By the time I had put the battery in the computer, reset the BIOS and made a few adjustments, Georgia had grilled the fish, prepared a fresh salad and we were ready to eat. Georgia’s cat was also available to take care of any fish heads we discarded.
We had quite an interesting conversation about the camping. The present lease continues for another five years. She enquired to the freeholders what it would cost to extend for another five years but the sum asked was excessive. The season is only two months in any event, as outside that there is very little. She also said that next year there would definitely be no Albanians. I’ll believe that when the time comes. She might be looking at another camping near to Elafonissi but this would be freehold. The problem with the present arrangement is that any improvements revert to the owners of the property at the end of the lease. The Greek government is also taxing each building on the site so she has to pay for her house and everything, not on wheels.
The tree surgeons are doing a good job and cutting everything back as it should be. I had suggested this be done a couple of years ago as I could foresee some large tree falling down and destroying some of the buildings. The really tall trees are much shorter and I believe they have another day’s work to finish it all off. It certainly makes a difference and the space is a lot lighter.
I seem to be quite thirsty so I’ll have a cup of tea.


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