Wind from the south

The wind moved towards the south yesterday bringing warmer air up from North Africa. I was able to go out this morning before seven, with only a light coat and no hat. We were so far ahead of time that we were back at the camping by 07:40. When I looked at the clock initially, I thought I’d misread the time. It is just that it is getting lighter earlier so we’re going out earlier.

The tree surgeons came back and resumed work this morning. Most of the taller trees have been cut right back but it will not take long before they grow up again. Hopefully they will not get to that height again. The guy was working from a hydraulic platform on the back of a lorry. Cutting the trees any other way would have been too dangerous and time consuming. There will be plenty of wood for next winter just that someone needs to cut it and stack it, as well as burn all the small stuff. I can see we will be having some more fires quite soon. Work in the camping appears to have started earlier this year. I have no idea what Georgia plans to do about staff although one of her friends has been here quite a bit. I’m not sure that he realises quite what he’s getting in to so it could turn out interesting. He is a local guy so must know what Georgia is like. I watch them come, like little lambs to the slaughter.
Mr Lawrence called me with a support question and told me that he’d just returned from a family skiing trip to Switzerland as it’s the school half term holiday. Simon seemed to be saying that it seemed a lot further to drive back from Switzerland this time and we agreed that he might be getting older. He’s off on another skiing trip in a couple of weeks but this time it is a Rotary event.
My local, friendly Albanian, Andy, appeared with another broken bike with is friend, Elvis in tow. The back wheel was flapping about in the breeze as the interior of the hub was damaged. We took it apart and I explained that there was no real alternative other than a new wheel. Beyond economic repair is the correct term I believe. Certainly not worth repairing a wheel of that quality anyway. He left his clutter in the storeroom next to Millie’s house and went off with his friend.
I can tell you that the words ‘toilet brush’ have still not been added to the Albanian language. Albanian cooking techniques have not changed as the inside of the kitchen is always full of steam as they boil everything to within an inch of its life. I think the camping is nearly full up now, but with Georgia here, it’s not my worry.
Dave has not been quite so well these last couple of days. He has always spent a lot of time asleep but recently he has declined two evening walks. Antonis came to see me this morning and may go to Chania on Wednesday to get the part for his car so I may take Dave if he doesn’t pick up tomorrow. Antonis will be happy as then it will be me paying for the journey.
All hell just broke loose as Georgia came to give me a docket from the post office. It appears my replacement device has come from Germany so I will get Antonis to pick it up or we can do it if we go to Chania on Wednesday. It is dark and all the dogs are in bed so you can imagine what it was like when Georgia decided to bring the docket accompanied by Micky.
Feeling hungry so time to eat!


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