Weather timelapse

Quite a busy day with a fairly early start as it was light. We were out for a long time so they all ran about and got tired. The remains of the squid, washed up on the beach yesterday, have all but disappeared.

The morning was sunny and warm however the sky got progressively more cloudy as time went on. I have been doing a little more work on my weather website so have managed to get the weather time lapse sequence working properly. The camera is now always live and the website stores an image every ten minutes to produce a time lapse of the day and the night.
Click on this link which will take you to a page on the website where you should see an image of my van and tent with a little calendar next to it. Click on the date you wish to view and then scroll down the page a little way. You will see another, central, window which should display all of the images for that particular day at ten-minute intervals. Each image changes after one second but it will go back to the beginning once it reaches the end. Bear in mind that this has not been operating for one complete day so far but you will get the idea. If you keep the link you can go back to it as often as you like.
Georgia, accompanied by Micky, appeared later in the day, to ask me if I knew the whereabouts of a chainsaw. How I was supposed to know and be able to find anything in that shambles is anyone’s guess. Possibly, Manolis, her brother, has it at the garage in Paleochora. She tells me she will get the keys sorted out so that everyone has a complete set of all the keys they need. Apparently, I am the only one to have the key to the laundry and also the bedding store and other stuff. Each time they come, they have to take my set of keys in order to do anything. It’s a bit scary that Georgia is trying to get organised. I wonder if she will ever notice why all the external showers are not dripping for the entire winter. Something to do with the valve I installed last summer perhaps.
Some of the tree debris has been cleared up although there is a lot to go. I have made the most of Georgia’s absence by putting all my stuff in the washing machine on a super-long wash. I will go there early in the morning to take out one load and to shove in all my bedding. It’s not time yet for the Spring Bed but I like to live dangerously.
Dave seemed better today and I made sure he had all of his medications at the usual times. It seems a shame to jab a needle into him when he’s lazing in the sun with the Small Dogs but I think it’s better for him to have his jabs at regular intervals.
Time for grub and a glass of red.


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