That was quick!

The clothes, which I put in the washing machine last night, were hung up before I went on the morning walk. The bedding was all washed by the time we were back so I hung it all out to dry.

I decided to be adventurous and go into Downtown Paleochora this morning. As you know, I like to live dangerously. I’d received a docket from ELTA, the Greek postal service, advising me of an item for collection at their office in Paleochora. I assumed it was the replacement weather equipment sent a couple of weeks ago. I had forgotten that I had ordered a new LED rechargeable light to put on the decking above the steps. The step lights charge during the day but the sun is not very strong in winter so they don’t last very long. This light is similar to the one on the entrance gate. It comes on when it gets dark with a dim light. Any approaching person causes it to go into bright mode for a minute or so. Whilst claiming my package, the guy asked one of the workers in the sorting office behind, the whereabouts of my parcel. He showed him my packaged and also gave him your letter containing my replacement licence. Two birds with one stone!

My other purpose for going to Paleochora was to activate my N26 German online bank account. I have tried to activate it from Grammeno but the Internet connection was too slow. I went to the the Finnish lady, who’s computer I’d fixed, to ask if I could borrow her WiFi for a few minutes. She now has ten cats but no WiFi. We chatted and then I went on my way. My next port of call was the optician to show him how scratched the lenses of my glasses had become. He was not at his shop so I could not use his WiFi either. Next I went to see if the dentist was open but they only open three half days in winter. I decided to go see if the €1 shop was open but it too was shut so I decided to go an see Heike at her pet shop. The last time I was there was to borrow a dog transport crate to send Malloy to Germany last May. Heike doesn’t have WiFi but the travel office next door does as she uses it when at her shop. She told me the code was the telephone number written on the door with an additional ‘n’. I was entering it when the owner appeared to let in builders who were refurbishing the shop. I confessed to the plot to steal his WiFi whereupon he spent the next few minutes trying to connect my phone. He could not remember the passcode for his own WiFi. He took me across the road to the café and connected my phone onto their WiFi. I bought a coffee, sat at a table, and completed the setup of my N26 bank account.
I thought it worth checking to see if Costas the optician, had materialised and he was in his shop. I showed him my glasses and he was pretty unimpressed by the amount of scratching seeing as I had paid extra for the super strong scratch coating. He retained them, to talk to the manufacturer, and will return them to me via Antonis’ shop. I was viciously attacked by his totally soppy dog who rolled on his back to have his tummy rubbed, From Costas to the €1 shop, which was still closed, and back to Grammeno.
My Albanian cyclist has acquired a replacement wheel for his bicycle so I have put that on for him. Another satisfied customer.
The afternoon has been sunny although I have already closed up the windows of the tent as the sun is moving inexorably in a westerly direction.
A cup of tea and then off to walk the dogs, followed by tea, bath bed!


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