Knives and forks at the ready

I had asked Antonis to get some more dog food on Monday when I knew I had a few days left. I reminded him last night to find he had totally forgotten. I had enough for this morning leaving about five biscuits in the bottom of the bag. We came back from the evening walk and Antonis had still not been. They were all standing ready with their little knives and forks poised as food is usually served following the evening walk.

Fortunately, Antonis, plus girlfriend, arrived a few minutes later so I was able to quell the riot. All now fed and snoring peacefully. Even Boris who is still confined to his Boris house outside. Now for the duration, I suspect as he is simply too disruptive and too big to have inside. Three Brown Dogs do not take up much room, make hardly any mess and don’t try to take over. I spend my time constantly stepping over Boris who creates a tension amongst the other dogs as soon as he is present.
We bumped into Micky after the walk and we may have made a little progress. I tied all of the dogs, except Boris, together to a tree outside the storeroom. Micky was there and they eventually all calmed down and managed to get along reasonably well. There is nothing wrong with Micky, as he is a fine dog, but it gets extremely tricky when he suddenly appears as you are trying to take nine dogs for a walk. The Small Dogs are getting stronger and have already managed to pull me over on a couple of occasions. Usually as a result of Micky wheeling and diving as we go in or out for the evening walk. Fortunately, Micky seems to like his bed so we don’t see too much of him in the mornings.
During the meeting of the dogs, I noticed we have another newcomer in the camping. A small brown dog, a bit like Obi. It seems that Grammeno is turning into Dog Central. Added to that, there was a sizeable, white stray dog on the promontory this evening. All the dogs, other than Charlie, were on their leads ready to go back. This dog appeared and obviously, my lot look upon the promontory as their territory. You can imagine how well it went when another dog appeared. Charlie raced after him with the others all backing him up noisily. Considering the size of the other dog, I felt Charlie was being a little reckless. I think he felt so too as he seemed to appear quite quickly when I led the others off.
It was a bit cloudy at times but warm in the tent. I forgot to mention that yesterday was the hottest of the month at 21.4C, and probably the hottest of the year so far.
I can hear Micky creating a fuss somewhere in the camping but I really don’t have any enthusiasm to go out to discover why…
Time for some food…


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