Another day of feasting…

Clean Monday is nearly over for another year. I could see lots of kites being flown on the beach and the usual wreckage is to be found in the trees and bushes.

As it was reasonable weather there were quite a few people about until fairly late. Consequently, the evening walk was delayed until most people had gone home. I knew that Antonis was somewhere about as I could see his car in the car park on the beach. I met him and his beloved as they were walking back. Unfortunately, Dave went WalkAbout so the evening excursion turned into a bit of a fiasco. Dave was eventually found wandering aimlessly up and down the beach in a little world of his own.
I arrived one minute early for lunch to find everyone else at the table stuffing their faces. There was plenty to eat, however no meat today as that is the tradition. Lots of creatures from the sea so it was a very enjoyable meal. Martha, Georgia’s mother, was determined to feed me and kept passing all the plates to me with instructions to finish everything off. Not a hardship. Manolis and Yiannis were there again but they had to leave as it is Manolis’ turn to keep his filling station open for the holiday. He says that once the clocks go forward he will be working until 21:30 and then 22:00 in July and August.
The dogs were reasonably quiet in my absence. I celebrated the day by having a shave, cutting my hair and having a shower. Maria had left the water heater on for hours so the water was boiling. There was not a lot of sun about so it was a good thing.
The Brown Dogs seem exhausted as they have hardly moved all evening. I shall not be late to bed as I feel quite tired. All the eating was very demanding.


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