Hottest day of the year

It is the hottest day of the year with 22.5C although cooling down now naturally.

At the supermarket this morning I met Tassos, the German guy who has been here for years and who I meet with the dogs in the mornings during the summer as he collects salt. He knows the Dutch guy who has been staying here for a few days. A refugee of the Paleochora Camping, who is planning to move here until summer. He goes elsewhere as it’s too hot. I simply hibernate. They both came up to see me and were suitably impressed with my camping setup.
Georgia came by this afternoon with the keys to tell me that she will be back on Friday. A couple more Albanians came looking for accommodation.
I’m not sure, but I might have seen a bat earlier, so it is definitely beginning to warm up. There are more bugs about and the little insects that chirp are also starting to do their thing. I remember during my first winter here, the chirpy things chirped all the time. It did get quite chilly in January this year as well as quite wet. Other than a couple of days at the beginning of the month, February has been quite dry with a mere 30mm (1″) rain compared to 115mm in 2015. That was a horrible winter! Another sign that it’s warming up is that the Brown Dogs are scattered about with one on each of the bench seats. They huddle together when it’s cold.
Matthew tells me he is 49 today so he’s feeling quite old. Poor thing! In just over three years, I can draw my private pension! (for what it’s worth).
Time for some food and a glass of plonk!


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