Off to Chania in the morning

Dave has decided that he is missing the vet and that we should go on a trip to Chania tomorrow morning. Antonis came earlier bearing a loaf of bread and 100 8G hypodermic needles saying that he was planning to go to Chania tomorrow and did I want to go. I said that the vet didn’t need to see Dave again for another week and I felt sure he’d be going again next week. Later on, I changed my mind so we are being picked up at 08:00 tomorrow for a morning out in the Bright Lights. Dave said that he fancied a day out anyway.

As I was putting the dogs to bed earlier, a band of Albanians assailed me to thrust a phone into my hand with Maria on the other end. Apparently, the lights in one of the rooms went out last night and they’ve been in the dark ever since. Maria asked me to go and check the breakers in the mini market, which is next door to that room, to see if one of them had tripped out. I finished putting the dogs to bed and went up there. Sure enough, the breaker had tripped turning off all the lights in the Mini market and the adjacent room. Fortunately, I know the location of virtually everything in the camping now, better than most people I should imagine.
I’m not sure quite where the day has gone as I have been quite busy. It started off quite early as Obi decided we really should be leaving for the morning walk at 05:45. Naturally, I convinced him that I’d prefer to remain in bed a little longer but gave up the unequal struggle around 06:15. Consequently, we were back and they were fed well before 08:00 so I did lots of other chores as I knew the bread would not have been delivered to the supermarket. When I arrived at the supermarket, the lady on the deli and meat counters greeted me whereupon I asked if there was ‘any’. The ‘any’ is pickled veg which has been out of stock for a little while. Each morning I would go into the store and ask if there was ‘any’ to be told that it would be there the following day or week. Our conversation developed into something along the lines of “Good morning, Is there any?” the reply would be “maybe tomorrow or the next day”. This morning I could see there was some but I asked anyway. She came down the counter to serve me and asked what I wanted. I said that I didn’t want ‘any’ as I don’t like it at all. She started filling a bag with it anyway as she knows very well that I’m a regular purchaser.
I’ll get them all trained eventually or drive them around the bend. Whichever comes first.


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