We have a functioning mailbox!

This morning I decided to get the mailbox on the wall as quickly as possible. I didn’t do it Greek style. I measured it and got it level. Someone will have to come along and do the job properly so that it is no longer central or level. I meant to take a picture, went up there but forgot my camera.

The Germans got off and presumably caught the ferry to Gavdos. They were still here when I went out with the dogs however gone when I returned.
I decided to put up a camera pointing away from the entrance. The idea is to keep an eye on my stuff in the storeroom and to also see who or what is roaming around poking their nose about. The camera records and works at night with Infrared. Albanians watch out!
It’s been sunny and warm again but I’ve been quite busy with one thing or another so didn’t have too much time sitting around enjoying myself.
I think I have managed to unsubscribe you from the Varndean Chat Group. I’d tried previously but was unable to do it because the subscription was set up with your old email address. That address still works but everything is diverted to Gmail which has been the setup for several years. Hopefully, now that all those emails have been removed from Outlook, the computer may manage to work a little more quickly.
I have not forgotten that I am to phone you at 12:00 (14:00 EET) as you have the cleaner.


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