A not even vaguely lazy Sunday

Antonis appeared bright and early with all of his equipment to start building the frame to hold the windbreak to protect the north and east end of the awning from most of the wind. He had ordered metal tube from Polychronis which had been delivered to the bar area where a new floor is being put down. You may recall a cunning plan, around two years ago, to use loads of pallets to construct a floor in the bar and restaurant area. A couple of van loads of pallets were delivered and some blokes worked there for a day or so trying to make sense of it. The pallets were all different sizes, so were not much use anyway and are now residing in a huge stack at the top of the camping. Floor #2 is a more serious attempt however both Antonis and I have misgivings concerning its structural stability and longevity. The main bearers are on blocks placed directly on the sand. No attempt at damp proofing and the wood was put down before treatment. From what I can see, ordinary floorboards are going to be used and not pressure-treated ones…

Antonis and I got on well with the ‘erection’ although he had to go off to pick up his girlfriend for lunch at his parents at 13:00. Since he left me at 13:20 and needed to go back to Paleochora before going to Krios, completely the opposite direction, I cannot see him being on time. I told him to leave all of his equipment which I would pack up. He will be coming back first thing in the morning, hopefully bearing a loaf of bread.
Maria was here earlier when Antonis and I went down to pick up the tube from the bar area and Georgia appeared later. She has been busy watering the plants as she is convinced they are all in imminent danger of dying. Scratch the surface of the soil and that below is still damp. I told her of the impending rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Then the power was switched off due to a problem with the pump which empties the foul water sump at the bottom of the camping. The pump was working continuously as the float switch was faulty. Not a pretty job to have to do as I helped the plumber at one point early last year when the one in the upper sump was blocked. Akin to unblocking Fitzroy drains.
I had a cup of tea followed by a little ‘rest’ in the sun after an afternoon shower whilst the water is hot. Maria has my keys so I cannot put the heater on, so need to get in whilst the water is warm. Fortunately, the water in my hose is also getting heated by the sun so I should imagine I will not need to use the bathroom for that much longer. So long as it is sunny, I’ll have water for an outside shower. My water didn’t get put in until July last year so I’m not totally sure when the outside water will get enough sun to be warm enough for a shower.
It’s now 17:25 so I’m off with the dogs in a few minutes. I will leave it a bit longer than usual as it is Sunday and it has been a nice day. I little more time for the unsuspecting locals to get home before the hounds are unleashed. Antonis has invited me to attend an event on the promontory next week. His little friends and some other groups are coming to play at soldiers with their BB guns. I am to be one of the official onlookers equipped with a bright yellow reflective vest, like the police wear, and a pair of goggles for my eyes. If the pellets hit bare skin it hurts but you don’t feel them through your clothes. I’m supposed to warn the players if a member of the public appears so that they have the opportunity to cease fire and not pepper the wandering punters. All good fun and a BBQ after. I might excuse myself before the BBQ and leave them to enjoy the cremated livestock.
Better go an walk the dogs I suppose. It seems a shame to disturb them as they are all quietly sleeping. As soon as I move from this chair, that situation will immediately change.
The CJ in Crete was intended for Christmas however certain technical problems were preventing me from completing it as it has to be done online. My Internet cable to the office needed changing where it was damaged by the trees. All fixed now and I found the missing photos of Edward and the initial 2011 visit to Grammeno. The albums are prepared in the Czech Republic and shipped via Germany to their destination. The English callcentre is in Northern Ireland as I called to have the delivery address updated. A fat lot of good anyway as it was still incorrect. At least the nice lady was interesting to chat to and enjoyed looking at the pictures of the dogs.

I might have used the vacuum cleaner to suck up the tablet…
I thought I saw cormorants on the rocks south of the promontory yesterday however, on closer inspection, I could see they were gulls and other birds.
The sea is very noisy at present as the wind is predominantly southerly.
Dogs sleeping in the sun under the awning as the decking dries outside.
It only goes to show that you can’t rely on anything nowadays. Not even a Shag or a Common Cormorant!

What is the world coming to?
The sun is now shining and it is warm again. All the dogs have dried out and so is the sand. I’m off for a shower whilst there is hot water!


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