Old habits die hard

I wandered to the office this morning to see if there was any post in the post box. On the mat, outside the office door, lay two letters tied together with a rubber band. One was my new debit card from N26 bank in Berlin, the other, correspondence for the camping. I picked up mine and put the one for the camping in the mailbox. I suppose, after so many years of dumping the mail outside the door, we are going to have to expect a training and rehabilitation process before the new mailbox becomes the default repository for incoming mail.

Antonis came to finish off the ‘erection’ first thing. A loaf of bread in his hand. The frame is now finished although Antonis is itching to put in some reinforcement as he doesn’t believe the 2″ tubing will be sufficiently strong on its own. All we need now is for the ‘blind’ man to come and measure up for the flappy-about bit which will deflect the wind.
After we’d packed up, Antonis called DHL, the German postal service, to get my replacement weather recording and transmitting apparatus one step closer to me. It has been sitting in Iraklion for around a week and the guy who sent it suggested I might like to go to pick it up. I explained that Iraklion and back is a 430km (268 miles) and a six and a half hour drive. DHL are putting it on the bus to Paleochora today and will phone Antonis so he can collect it from the bus station and then drop it off to me. The DHL tracking Website assures me the item has been delivered. Let’s hope this new Meteobridge device works better and a lot more reliably than the first one.
After a cloudy start, it became sunny and has been warm all day with a high of 20.6C. The story tomorrow and Wednesday is a lot different with 25mm (1″) rain forecast and 27mm the following day. As there was only 1.6mm rain in the second half of February, we are a little overdue for rain. although January was even wetter than 2015, the coldest and wettest winter in living memory. Some rain will make Georgia happy as then she can resist the temptation to water everything to drowning point. Rain, although necessary, is not my favourite as it complicates dog activities creating me extra work. Stopping the silly little blighters from standing around in the pouring rain is sometimes tricky and there is also the threat of extensive thunder on Wednesday. Since Boris is banished to his house under the rear of the van, he is bound to make a fuss during the thunder. If he stays in his house, he will remain dry.
Dave has been put inside, as the sun has gone behind the clouds, so this has triggered the ‘evening walk’ ritual. It’s still too early yet but the dogs are hard to convince as their little clocks are not quite so accurate as mine. Also, the sun going behind the cloud has confused them.
Georgia is still at the camping although I believe Maria has gone already. The fact there is rain forecast for the next two or three days is likely to drive Georgia back to Chania as there will be no point in watering if it’s raining!


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