It did but not that much so far

Rain, that is. The forecast is for lots of rain today and tomorrow with more at the end of the week. So far we have had only 3mm or so in a couple of showers and a heavy downpour. Most of the 3mm was during the downpour. It looks as though much of the rain will fall tonight. Fortunately, the fertilizer Georgia and her gang of willing helpers were spreading around the place, should be washed into the ground by the rain. She tells me she is going back to Chania and will be interviewing people for staff jobs for the summer. More little lambs to the slaughter.

On the subject of which, I cried out ‘Easter’, in Greek naturally, as I cycled past the lambs penned up along the roadside between the camping and the supermarket. The enclosure will be quite empty once Easter has passed. No point in yelling ‘Mint Sauce’ as that is not done here. A bit like the Thanksgiving Turkey.
Light rain is pattering upon the awning but hopefully, it will be over before evening walk time.
The new floor for the bar area is coming along well. I take a quick look at it each time I go past with the dogs. It was a bit dark this morning so I saw little on the way out and was past caring on the way back. There is certainly an unmistakable aroma of wood treatment product as one approaches that location. Georgia has noticed the new mailbox and even paid me for it! I left the receipt for €22 on the office desk but was more interested in getting the mailbox installed than being paid for it.
I now have my keys back so will make use of the washing machine tonight or tomorrow night in Georgia’s absence. I can hang stuff up in the storeroom but there is not so much space under the awning so I might wait, as Thursday will not be so wet.
I used my new German bank card for the first time today as I needed to pay for my domain name. It doesn’t become due until April but I wanted to see how quickly the account operated. No sooner had the transaction been entered on the website, the email from the supplier arrived and my iPhone indicated an update from the bank. Pretty slick stuff! If I withdraw money from my Barclays account at the bank in Paleochora, I do not usually receive a notification until the following day. A little late if someone was using my card fraudulently. With the N26 account, I can switch off the card selectively: no ATM payments, no online payments or no payments whilst abroad. I can even switch the card on and off completely if needed. Isn’t technology wonderful?
I fixed up my replacement weather station data handling and storing device yesterday evening. I forgot to put in the files necessary for it to send out the weather summary reports if you were wondering why you didn’t get one yesterday. I’ve fixed that now. The replacement device seems to be working fine and should hopefully not fall over each time there is the slightest interruption in either the power or the WiFi. Both events happen often here as the cables travel over ground and this is a remote location. I have installed a battery backup for the WiFi, to protect the router and other equipment from lightning strikes if nothing else.
The weather can’t seem to make up its mind what it is going to do. The light rain has now stopped and there is even a glimpse of the sun. The dogs are going to want their second walk as will be apparent the moment I get up from this chair. It makes a creaking noise so the Brown Dogs come running. So long as it doesn’t bucket down with rain I don’t mind as that would then leave me with a load of soggy doggies and wet clothes from myself.
No point in putting it off any longer I suppose…


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