More showers

Nothing like an exciting residents’ meeting to get one going! I remember the AGM of the Court Road flats. Excitement beyond my wildest dreams!

I have subscribed to the Guardian as it is a lot cheaper than the FT. Only  €49 per annum as opposed to €5.89 per WEEK!
The decking is starting to dry off now that the rain shower is a thing of the past. I can see more grey clouds approaching as well as the satellite image which tells the whole story.
Millie, rescued from the Small Dog Enclosure when the rain began, is snoozing on the big dog bed in the sun.
I took down the spare wheel hanger from the back of the underneath of the van to give Boris more room for his house. His house was getting a little bit wet during the heavy rain. I took the spare wheel out in order to get the house underneath but the bracket was still in the way. Adonis says that he has more panel so will build Boris a bespoke residence like the one he did for Dave.
The Dutch guy, who has decided to stay until May, has moved his van up to the top of the camping behind me. He asked if it was alright. I replied that he might hear a little barking from time to time but he said that he could also hear them down by the beach. He doesn’t care what they do so long as they are quiet at night.


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