Sun at last!

Following several days of cloud and rain, today has been mostly sunny. Gentle rain accompanied this morning’s walk, enough to soak through my aged rain jacket and into my fleece below. I changed coats when we got back around 07:15. Then off to the supermarket where I spoke to Dimitris commenting on the recent precipitation.

Last night I used the washing machine and hung most of it up under the awning. Today I was able to move it outside into the sun and the gentle breeze to dry. Everything is now clean and all I have to do is fold it up and put it away.
Ursula cam for the evening walk and we had a cup of tea beforehand. She and Tony had been to Elafonissi so Tony had had enough so did not join us. It’s good for Ursula to have a little time to herself and the walk makes her feel good. Going with the dogs is better as she has something to concentrate on other than just walking. I said that I’d be off bright and early tomorrow morning so she needs to get her skates on if she wishes to come. Hopefully, tomorrow, it will be dry.
More rain is forecast for Saturday, another 29mm. We have had 45.8mm so far in the last couple of days. I prefer it to come in one go rather than drag it out over several days in dribs and drabs. Other than early this morning, it has been sunny and dry.
Antonis popped in to confirm our trip to Chania tomorrow and to tell me that his father has upgraded his iPhone so Antonis has his old one. I said I would help him to set it up if he wished although I’m certain he is more than capable.
I’ve had a hot shower and turned off the immersion heater. At least there is hot water for those that still need a shower.

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