Visit to Chania

We managed to come back without the CO2 cylinder filling the car with gas. This time, Antonis took an older cylinder and not one from the new batch.

Dave’s blood test seem to have stabilised and he can now reduce to 150ml saline drip daily. The other medications remain. He has more plasma for his eye.
We posted the broken weather gadget to Germany on the way out as the post office was completely empty. In my Best Greek I said I wished to post a parcel and it was done in moments for a mere €5.90.
Back by 13:00, I grabbed a sandwich and a cup of tea before a little relaxation in the sun. I’d noticed that the rubbish bins were overflowing so decided to clear them all as some wind is due and the dogs have been at it. I bagged it all up and stuck it in the back of the Grammeno Ferrari.
Ursula and Tony both came on the evening walk which was enjoyable and uneventful.
I noticed Georgia in the camping and went to say hello. Apparently the guy who lived next door to her mother, Martha, met with an accident on his motorcycle and died. Georgia reappeared later with a couple of guys to pick up some chairs from the store as they are having a bit of a wake it seems. I helped to get them out and defend them from being ravaged by Dave.
I had a chat to the Albanian guy who borrowed a saucepan from me when he first arrived and he returned it to me all clean and fresh.
I had a shower and am now getting something to eat and perhaps a glass of white.


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