More rain!

Yesterday it rained more in the afternoon and was getting harder as evening walk time approached. I’d decided to cancel the evening walk until the rain almost stopped.

We went out and everything was going well until near the end when it poured down. By the time I’d fed them and put them to bed, I was quite wet so looking forward to a hot shower. I got to the showers and turned it on to find there was no hot water. Due to the crummy weather, I’d turned on the electric heater at 14:00 so that there would be hot water for when the Albanians returned from work.
I went to the control panel as I thought perhaps I’d not turned on the correct switch to find that the indicator light was on as expected. I noticed that the lights were on in the women’s bathrooms and went in there to discover that one of the hot taps on a basin was on full. Any hot water had gone down the drain! I turned off the tap and called Georgia. She is going to have words with the Albanians and threatens not to provide any more electrically heated hot water for them. Electricity is expensive here as there is an additional tax.
As you can imagine, I was less than impressed not to have had a hot shower.
This morning it was raining again when we went out. Ursula was already there when we arrived and we stood together chatting as the dogs amused themselves. Fortunately, the rain has now turned to sunshine and the temperature in the awning is 28C. I’m off to get a hot shower before the Albanians take all the solar-heated water.
Due to the weather, no one turned up to do battle on the promontory so I didn’t get to do my bit in my fluorescent vest. I wasn’t keen on the idea of wandering around in the rain.
Matthew and I have just had a long chat and he tells me it’s raining in Lewes. I’m sorry to have sent our weather to you.


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