So much for no rain!

It’s doing it again but at least we got a dry walk this evening. Ursula turned up around 17:00 but we didn’t go out until about half past. Georgia was chatting to some Albanians who complained about the lack of hot water. She asked if I’d turned on the heater and I replied that I hadn’t. I got my shower when the water was hot from the sun. She has relented on her no electrical heating mandate so now I can put it on one hour if there is sun and two hours if there isn’t. I’ll probably just do what I did before but be more vigilant about checking for taps being left running. When questioned, none of them knew anything about the running tap…

It’s pattering on the roof again so the temperature will drop and the ground will be wet. What a pain!
Boris has gone into a bit of a decline following yesterday’s Fido and Luis event. I had to remove Boris’ food bowl as LUIS was preventing him from getting to it! I made sure that both Luis and Fido were in the other compound when I fed him and I am considering building a special Boris compound where he can be free to roam as well as protected from the others. I will speak to Antonis who hasn’t got much work at the moment.

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