Back to twelve

On the promontory this morning with Ursula, there was a lot of barking and squealing and I could see that the dogs had found a little puppy. I rescued the puppy from the hoards and soon after there was more barking as they had now discovered the mother. I gave the puppy to Ursula and tried to get the mother but to no avail. We went back to Grammeno and then Ursula left to go back to see Tony. I then took Dave for a walk on the promontory to try to find the mother. I needn’t have bothered as I opened the gate of the compound and in she walked. Now lying asleep on the big dog bed with puppy in a cage next to her. Obi is uninterested, Boris growled a bit and the rest are in the Small Dog Compound. I might try letting Luis out later but the mother is very timid and nervous. Her little boy can wee for Greece as both Ursula and I discovered.

She needs tidying up and a trip to the vet so I’ll probably hang onto her until that is done at least. The puppy seems healthy enough but both could use some looking after for a bit anyway. I don’t know what happened to the other puppies as I’m sure there was more than one.
I plan to have a long conversation with Jo this afternoon…


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