Communications broken

Your communications appear to be reaching me ok.

I cleaned out all the rubbish and unsubscribed you from Varndean Chat last week so there should be less clutter in your inbox.
The new inmates seem to be settling in. The mother spent all day avoiding me each time I walked past but has since given in. I put all the dogs to bed as usual and then a blanket in the igloo kennel for the mother and puppy. So far there have been few complaints from the other inmates.
I talked with my friend Jo this afternoon to discover that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer so will be having a mastectomy in the next few weeks. Until this takes place, the doctor will not know the extent of the other treatment required. She will need radiotherapy and also possibly chemotherapy. As she commented, at least she doesn’t have the business to worry about now. She seems to be ok at the moment and bearing up well. Not the news one wishes to hear.
Tony and Ursula both joined me for the evening walk. Only the usual nine went out. Boris and the new ones were left behind. Ursula brought me lemon curd and more lemming sponge. She has a lot of lemmings and eggs, plus reasonable kitchen facilities.
The Albanians have been better behaved and managed to turn off all the lights last night and not leave the taps running. It would appear that Georgia’s stern chat has some effect: if only for now. I’m allowed to heat water electrically for them again and did so at it was mostly sunny but turned cloudy in the afternoon. The sun is not really strong enough and the water system is not really big enough, to store enough solar water for twenty people to have a decent shower. It’s really only a large domestic system.
Lots of snoring Brown Dogs in here and I need some food!


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