Actress and Bishop

As I’m sure the actress said to the bishop!

The Albanians must be very clean. I turned on the electric heater for the water at 16:00 and have just experienced a tepid shower at 19:30. So where did all the hot water go? It has been sunny all day so it must already have been really hot at 15:00 when most of them return from work. What are they doing, washing in it?
Tony and Ursula came on the evening walk together with ten dogs. Boris and the puppy stayed behind. Boris does not do the evening walk anyway. Tony was feeling adventurous and went clambering over the rocks by the sea. I was hoping the dogs would not go with him as I had spotted a fisherman who could probably do without ten dogs barking at him. We then went on a slightly more ambitious climb where Tony was attacked by a bush he was grappling. We got safely back to the ground and Tony went to wash off the blood from his hands in the sea.
The dogs are now all in bed and suitably fed. ‘Princess’, due to her new collar, kindly donated by Ursula, greeted me at the gate as I returned from my shower. She appears to be getting on fairly well with the others however her puppy finds the whole thing a bit daunting.
We’re probably going out to my favourite pizza place tomorrow lunchtime as it is Tony and Ursula’s last full day. Their flight leaves at 16:00 on Friday. There is little choice for open restaurants at this time of the year and the pizza place is warm thanks to the pizza oven.
Luis is snoring very loudly next to me. The others are tired out following their extended walk and all the chasing about. Princess and her little boy are out on the decking. He is in his cat box.


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