Beware the Ides of March!

Today is 15 March: The Ides of March. The day Julius Cesar supposedly was assassinated.

I awoke at 05:30, was out of bed before 06:00 and walking most of the dogs. Boris declined to join us preferring to lurk in his bed. Ursula had only just arrived at the promontory so could see me letting them all off their leads outside the gates to the camping. Despite Boris’ decision, we still walked with nine dogs as Small White Dog came along too. Her puppy was still adrift, however he appeared as I was preparing food. He played for a while and then I put him in his cat box whilst I went to the supermarket as I didn’t fancy having him at large whilst I was away. He fed his face and has been asleep since. Where he went during the night, I don’t know however he can always get in as he easily demonstrated this morning by shimmying under the wooden fence and pushing under the wire. The compound is not intended to prevent the escape of such small creatures.
It’s a little windier today but warm and sunny inside. Without an awning tent, it would be a different matter. How did I get along for so long without one?
Boris would not be persuaded to leave his house this morning to go for a walk. Despite my best efforts. I tried to lure him out with his ball but he would have none of it. He ate his supper last night with no effort and has munched his biscuits this morning. He came out to lie in the sun for a little but has since gone back into his house. I think he is suffering doggy depression.
I have not heard the sound of the excavator yet today although there has been a chainsaw on the go. Hardly unusual at this time of year as trees, especially Olives, are being pruned. I can smell a fire burning yet have no idea as to its location.
Small White Dog is asleep under the other reclining chair which now serves as a repository for coats and other paraphernalia. Small White Creature snores in his cat box. Dave is panting in the sun and the Small Dogs are asleep. All is quiet!


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