Wild, Downtown Paleochora

Paleochora is quieter than usual. A bit like Brighton in winter but without the students and with sun. We had a pizza and Tony had spaghetti carbonara. After we went back to their accommodation and ate apple crumble which Ursula had made in the little kitchen. Tony retired to his boudoir and Ursula and I went to walk the dogs. There was some light rain and a number of cars in the car park. We spotted the army guys but they didn’t stay long once the rain came on. They don’t like water in their equipment I suppose.

I fed them all and took Boris for a short walk. He insisted on sniffing almost every blade of grass and twig so I ended up putting him on the lead to hurry him up. He came out this morning and was as active as I’ve seen him for a week or more. He is recovering from his Fido/Luis encounter and behaving reasonably well. He has not tried to eat the new dogs and seems to get on fairly well with them, which is a first.
It was sunny this morning, so I had a shower before we went out for lunch. I also didn’t wish to get caught out like yesterday, with no hot water for me. Ursula didn’t even notice that I’d shaved especially for the occasion. I mentioned to Tony that I had only just finished the aerosol of shaving foam he left behind last May. As you can guess, shaving accessories are not my most important expense.
This morning I could hear Micky barking and it sounded as though it was coming from the wrong direction. I could then hear him from a different direction and his bark seemed a little strange. I discovered him on the wrong side of the boundary fence under some trees. He had tried to dig under the fence without success. I got some tools and levered the fence joint open before dragging Micky back to the safety of the camping. Farmers here take a dim view of dogs in with their sheep especially as Easter approaches. I shall have to keep a closer eye on Minnie. I bought a special long lead for her so that she can run around but still be under my control. Now that my Jo plan for rehoming dogs has foundered I need to come up with a Plan B as I would really like to shift some of the dogs, lovely though they all are. I think Ursula will take Heidi and possibly Oskar but I would like to find good homes for them all.


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