Keeping my eyes peeled

I had forgotten to joys of having a small creature in full ‘chew mode’. Anything of value has been taken out of range and the gate is across the door of the van. Today he has been allowed to roam free since first thing. I think he is chewing up some cashew nut shells at present. He was annoying Obi earlier by barking at him as he didn’t want to play. Luis had already sent him packing. It’s so nice to get my own back on the likes of Luis and Fido as I remember their puppy phases.

Tony and Ursula visited this morning to leave some items needed for their next visit which will be at the end of May. They also emptied their fridge so now I have extra cheese, olives, beer, tomatoes etc etc. I will have to take all the dogs myself this evening! Their flight means they will get home around 02:00 (EET) so they might be a little tired tomorrow if they do not sleep on the plane.
Small Dog has just tried to get in the van with the stair gate closed. He has now settled down for a snooze next to Luis on the big dog bed under the awning. He is currently attacking one of the bath mats.
After a chilly start, the day has warmed up quite well despite some dull bits. I sat under the trees in the Small Dog enclosure and brushed the Small Dogs. I must have enough hair to fill a mattress by now. I have de-fleaed the puppy and cut out most of the knotted fur in his mother’s coat. She has been brushed quite thoroughly now and just lies there to let me get on with it.
Another clothes peg is sacrificed in the name of puppy teething. Roll on his new gnashers!


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