Fairly Lazy Sunday Afternoon

My Dutch neighbour turned up at 17:30 yesterday to help walk the dogs. He’d seen Ursula arriving at that time so decided to help. Whilst out we bumped into a Greek couple who have a restaurant at Agia Marina on the north coast. They also have three quite large dogs so were not at all phased by the Grammeno Gang.

For the first time, the puppy decided to join in with the walk and required rescuing a couple of times, especially from Oskar, who refused to leave him alone. He came out again this morning and, although the others were calmer, Oskar was still seriously annoying him. Eventually, I pinned Oskar to the ground, growled at him a lot, and he got the message. Maybe, from now on, the puppy will be left to pursue his lawful business.
After the walk, the little monster crashed out in his house for most of the morning. When he eventually emerged, I cleaned out his house and gave him the remnants of the CJ in Skippers blanket as a bed. He had been using a rather grotty towel until then. He now has a clean and sweet-smelling dwelling with a clean and sweet-smelling bed. He has been very active this afternoon and getting into everything. I’m not sure where he is now, probably tormenting his mother. I have attached the power sockets for my laptop to the back of my chair in order to keep the charger and the power cable for the computer off the floor to avoid being eaten by him. He has already munched through the charger cable for my head torch. Easily mended fortunately. I had forgotten how demanding the little darlings can be. The others lived in the compound next to the camping entrance but they were all the same age so no problem. There was also nothing much in there they could destroy as the compound was made up of wire mesh and pallets. I don’t feel confident putting him and his mother in with the others yet as I need to be sure they will all get along. They both arrived last Monday so it’s nearly a week, so making reasonable progress so far.
Georgia and Maria have gone back to Chania as Michaelis, who is working on the camping, brought my keys back. The Albanians will have hot water for their showers this evening after all.
The forecast for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning indicates rain although not a significant amount at this time.
One of the Albanians has just appeared with his bike. He has a deceased rear derailleur so I told him to go get a replacement before he destroys the gears completely.
Not such a Lazy Sunday Afternoon after all. Time for a cup of tea before the evening walk.
I have attached a calendar showing all of the Public Holidays and festivals for this year. Easter is one week earlier next year.
Year 2017 Calendar – Greece-1


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