Wind from the west

There is a small puppy watching me as I write this email. He is lying on the big dog bed under the awning where I am sitting. It is dark and all the other dogs are in bed but I am still outside as the evening is reasonably warm and my laptop is here.

We were up at 05:30 and I loaded the washing machine with all my bedding. I was considering putting my clothes in this evening but there are not really enough to make it worthwhile. I have just been over to turn off the water heater as I forgot to do it as I had a shower earlier to be sure of getting a hot one. The Albanians are concocting some nice-smelling meal in the kitchens.
This morning was sunny and surprisingly warm so I was taking off layers quite early. I went to the supermarket to buy bread, tomatoes and some red wine. Only a week or so and the supermarket will be open seven days a week although bread will only be there on Sundays from Easter onwards. It seems strange that the new summer season is already beginning.
I had an email from Lorraine Benson about rehoming Minnie as I wrote to her once again. She sent me a string of apologies and asked for some more up to date photos which I have just posted. Lorraine tries hard but she is overwhelmed with the number of dogs requiring homes.
I spoke to Jo earlier to see how she is doing and also about a technical matter. She has had more tests and is going for another biopsy tomorrow. She sees the surgeon at the end of next weeks and expects to have her operation shortly after. I understand the cancer she has is quite aggressive so the treatment she receives will be equally so. She was a bit down today but I can’t say I blame her as the prospects are daunting.
Work continues at the bar area with the expansion of shading over the restaurant seating. The new floor is complete and looking good. The additional shading will effectively increase the useful area below as it will be possible to have tables right up to the edge of the available space. With the amount of work in progress, I suspect Georgia intends to continue with another lease in five years, when this one runs out.
Puppy now plonked in the middle of large dog bed with his mother on a blanket opposite. I normally shut him in at night but will leave him out for now.
I need to get some food as I’m getting rather hungry.

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