Definitely settled in

I’ve just had a conversation with a certain small white dog about her behaviour. She is now confined to a house next to her son. All the other dogs are in the inner compound except her and her puppy so she occasionally slips by me as I open the gate into the camping. Some poor guy was delivering supplies to the bar area and was being serenaded by her. I have also blocked up a hole in the fence between the camping and the sheep thanks to her. I think it might have been where Micky got through the other day. It now has an extra piece of mesh in the hole. Pursued by me, she slipped out through the fence indicating the hole at the bottom.

We met a Greek woman called Kate, her dog and her children out this evening. Unfortunately, I had just unleashed the Pack so could do little to contain them as they were very excited anyway. Her dog, although much larger, ran off home however she and her children carried on with my lot. That was very helpful as the Small Dogs don’t get to meet many children, especially multiple children. They eventually stopped barking and we walked together to the end of the promontory and back. The children then watched as I got the dogs back together on the rock and fed them biscuits as a reward. All except Charlie as he had found something particularly disgusting which he wasn’t about to share with the others. We then went our separate ways as the rain got steadily more persistent.
It’s been cloudy all day and the forecast is for rain during the night. Despite January being wetter than the horrid one two years ago, we still need more rain as last winter was exceptionally dry. There are plenty of little flowers all about however they will soon disappear once the sun gets stronger.
There is lots of barking from the store room as Micky is roaming around the camping. I can’t go out to see what is going on as I am on a chat session with my Web hosting provider. Fortunately, the technician speaks wonderful English.
The rain was insufficient to soak the dogs however there is an unmistakable odour of Damp Brown Dog in this van. Fortunately, they have chosen to snuggle up together all on one of the benches leaving two for me. I am honoured!
Hopefully, the technician will find the setting so that my weather website works as expected. I have been doing a bit of work on that this afternoon.


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