Rain last night and again this morning. I went out on the morning walk expecting weather, however, there was none. If I had not bothered with a waterproof coat and over trousers, it would have bucketed down. The rain stopped at lunchtime but it has been overcast since then. I washed a couple of dog towels yesterday and hung them on the line outside to dry. I knew the rain was coming but they couldn’t really get very much wetter. Now they are almost dry!

A  couple of Austrian motor homes have arrived, friends of my Dutch neighbour and refugees of the Paleochora camping which they say has gone too far downhill. Georgia and Maria will be here for the Independence Day Holiday Weekend this weekend so they can work out the price. I have taken a passport and started a form in the antiquated booking system they still use. They have put themselves down by the beach. Their wives and children will be joining them soon.
A small, white female dogs is lying on a mat beside me. She was supposed to be starting her integration with the other Small Dogs today but she managed to find a way out of their compound and out of the main one. I have now reinforced the defences with the help of a discarded grill from an old BBQ. Her offspring is as full of beans as ever and impossible to contain as he can escape from anywhere being so small.
Fido has been allowed to come out of the Small Dog enclosure due to the rain. He has been banished there during the day for his part in beating up Boris. Antonis came by and dropped off the new Boris House made from the same material as the others. Boris’ igloo house has gone into the Small Dog Compound for daytime use. We are going to Chania to visit the vet tomorrow as Dave has no more medication for his eye and I am running low on some of his potions and lotions.
The time for the evening walk approaches. I wonder if there will be other unfortunates this evening…

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