Day out in Chania

It was much warmer today so we had the windows open in the car as we drove around Chania. Antonis took Dave and I to the vet before going off to run his errands.

Dave’s eye is not responding to treatment and the vet would really like to remove it, however, Dave would probably not be able to withstand the operation. It does not appear to be causing him pain so I will just have to keep applying the ointment. He does not have to go back to see the vet until the end of April so Antonis will have to enjoy his own company for a little while. In any event, we are heading towards the beginning of the summer season so he will be getting busier with work. Crete chugs away slowly during the winter and then springs into life as Easter approaches. I should imagine the Houmas Restaurant will open for the holiday weekend marking the beginning of their season.
Back at Grammeno, the sun was shining and the dogs were quietly sleeping. My assistant dog warden, my Dutch neighbour, said they were a bit noisy but mostly due to visits from Micky. He poked his head over the fence to quieten them down a couple of times.
This evening we met some of the ‘AirSoft’ lads as they enjoyed their war games on the promontory. One of them, hiding in the undergrowth, was discovered by the dogs, so his position was instantly compromised. The lads had all disappeared by the time we started to go back.
This weekend the weather forecast threatens 22C for the holiday on Saturday. It is the annual celebration of Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire.
It appears that London got off very lightly with the Westminster attack, compared with those in France and Germany. There have been a lot of reports appearing on my phone.


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