Another clothes peg bites the dust

The Little Monster is quietly sitting munching yet another clothes peg. They don’t cost much money and it’s better that than my iPhone I suppose. I led them all on a merry dance over the rocks this morning which included some quite demanding climbs. He managed to keep up with the others most of the time although there were some squeals of desperation.

All around, the twits are birdering accompanied by chainsaw in D Minor as the carob trees in the main part of the camping are pruned. I was amazed to see Georgia up and directing operations at 10:00!
The prickly bushes are in bloom and I shall post you a picture. The birdsong is truly amazing.
Fido and Luis are banished to the Small Dog Compound again as they have had another go at Boris during the excitement created by Micky rushing the outer compound fence and barking. Georgia is here so Micky is taking the opportunity to show off just how much of a nuisance he can be. I will speak to Maria about this tomorrow when she comes to the camping. I have also sent a message to Antonis expressing my wish that the Boris Compound be completed at his very earliest possible convenience.
Yesterday was the hottest day of the year and I noticed the under-awning temperature was over 34C when I got back from Chania.
A certain mother of Little Monster slipped past me at the gate yesterday evening as I went to speak to one of the Albanians standing there bearing money. I sent him off to go bother Georgia. I finally got her [the dog] to come to me after she had spent a while wandering around the camping barking at Albanians. They are ‘fair game’ anyway but I was keen to grab her so that I wouldn’t have to do it later. She was thereafter confined to barracks and put into her house. I just hope that she and LM are not psychologically damaged as a result of being kept in cat boxes. They could suffer some deep identity crisis from being housed in accommodation designed for cats.
The clothes peg is getting another beating…


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