I’ve just ordered three watches

I’ve not worn a watch for years but feel the need to know what the time is when I’m out with the dogs: but don’t want to take my iPhone. My three watches, including delivery, came to under £5, so I can afford to lose a couple and not worry too much. They are not really watches but digital stop watches which also tell the time. They have a lanyard for hanging about your person, a large display for those who have failing eyesight, and are very cheap.

I had a phone call from reception. A German couple with a hire car and a small tent. They flew in today and wish to stay for three days. Maria was cleaning the toilets and they called my phone anyway, so I went to sort them out. They were short of a chair and table so I gave them something from the storeroom.
The puppy now has a collar and is all grown up like the bigger dogs. I found a cheap, used collar whilst looking for something earlier. All dogs that have collars are ‘owned’ or the responsibility of someone, so are usually left alone.
I went to Georgia’s house and needed to try to talk to Maria about how much to charge the German couple. Her largest dog really does not like me so barks loudly whenever I’m there. Feeling in my pocket, I remembered I had also dug out the ultrasonic bark stopper. Without removing it from my pocket, I gave her a good zap of ultrasound which actually shut her up so that Maria and I could hear each other.
Yesterday was the hottest day of the year and today the clocks went forward one hour, just as in UK. In stead of getting up at 05:30 I got up at 06:30 but don’t feel as though I had a lie-in. The day seems to have whizzed past but that maybe something to do with the hour change too. Did your new bedroom clock update itself or are you going to have to press some buttons?
It was sunny and warm this morning but clouded over this afternoon. I went for a shower whilst the water was hot and Maria took my keys to do her cleaning, so I asked her to deal with putting on the heater for the showers. Especially as now we have five paying customers, not counting the Albanians of course.
Hopefully, now that the evenings are lighter and I can go out later, there will be less chance of running into hapless walkers on the promontory. I’ve already adapted my dog control strategy so that I get them together at a spot further from the main beach. Otherwise, they tend to drift off whilst I’m putting on their leads and it only takes one to spot someone and they’re all off. Having them all on the lead puts me in control and mitigates a potential fiasco. Now that they are bigger and bark louder, they present more of a daunting prospect to a casual walker.
Hopefully, Antonis will be along tomorrow to begin work on the New Boris Compound. That will mean that Boris will not need to be tied up and Luis and Fido will be allowed out of the SDC where they have been banished since the last Boris attack. It was mostly Fido but as Luis was his accomplice, he was sent to the stockade as well.
I keep looking at the time on my computer to see that it is 18:15, so feel I should be out with the dogs. But as it’s only 17:15 by the sun, I have another 45 minutes or so.


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