I feel there’s a cold coming

You know how it is when you think you have a cold coming? I suspect that tomorrow it will have arrived. I blame it on the weather, the Albanians, the price of tomatoes or maybe it’s because the clocks have changed? I felt a little mouldy this morning when I got up however things have improved somewhat as the day has progressed. The presence of the sun was a great asset.

Today has not been particularly productive and has consisted of doing very little other than the things one has to do. I understand that 80% of life is turning up and I’ll probably manage another dog walk in an hour or so.
Antonis visited bearing plywood for my electronics box project which he had cut to size. He says that he will be along in the morning to start on the Boris Enclosure. Certainly, Boris, Fido and Luis will be suitably grateful once it is finished. That said, there have been very few Micky visits, probably due to the absence of Maria and Georgia, giving him no one to show off to.
Returning from the walk last night, I discovered two 20kg bags of dog biscuits had been left in the storeroom. I have yet to discover who left them. I can’t believe it could have been Maria and Georgia. I also found my keys had been left on top of the refrigerator that no longer works but is used to store stuff including Dave’s personal pharmacy.
Out the morning I dropped one of the leads and a carabiner which keeps them together. One of the Austrian guys picked it up and brought it back to the camping for me. I’ll need to go and collect it before we go out this evening.
The weather has been warm and sunny since this morning although the westerly wind was a little chilly. Since then, like the finance minister, it has done a complete about face and is now from the east. The German couple camped by the beach will be happy as they thought it was a bit windy yesterday evening. A bit windy? They have no idea of what it can be really like!


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