Very busy day

I awoke to the sound of rain on the van roof around 04:00 followed by the plaintive sound of a small puppy wishing to go outside to do his thing. I used the moment to bring in the blankets left outside as I didn’t expect any rain.

The next thing I knew was that it was 06:30 and time to get up. It was still a little threatening outside so I decided to wear wet weather gear for the walk. It was also a little chilly with a northerly wind.
Antonis appeared as promised and started digging the holes for the New Boris Compound. There was also concrete to be mixed and poles to be inserted. We went off at one point to look at a couple of gates at his workshop. These, together with a load of other stuff, were salvaged in exchange for demolishing someone’s storeroom. The gate is too large and requires modification, as well as some mesh, as it is only a frame at present. Reusing old stuff is so much more satisfying and cheaper than buying new.
There was the remains of the ballast bought last summer for the fence and decking projects. This had been put into large bags which were used to deliver some gravel to Janne and Erica. These were in the future Boris Compound so I felt needed removing. By means of a Gorilla Bucket and a trowel, I transported around 3m3 of ballast to a location near to the entrance gate. It took me about an hour I suppose.
Following a day of limited activity the puppy has become active so I have removed the blanket he was quietly nibbling the corner off.
Calls from Simon Lawrence and EG to add to my activities so it was definitely all go.
Soon off for the evening walk and I have just relocated Dave to the storeroom as he decided it was too draughty outside in the Small Dog Compound.
The puppy is now devouring some useless ornament reclaimed from the pile of discarded materials still scattered opposite my entrance gate. It’s only been six months that lot has been out there so it’s not long really.
Pickups have been touring the camping to collect most of the branches left strewn around following last week’s major pruning session. I’ve heard the chainsaw again today so wonder if any pruning has taken place without Georgia’s sanction. God forbid!
Has anyone mentioned that UK is about to start officially leaving the Common Market? Something called Brexit I believe…


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