The Boris compound is now complete

Antonis met me in the supermarket on the way to his workshop. He told me he’d be along shortly to finish off the New Boris Compound. He turned up just as I’d made a cup of tea. He is trying to drink less coffee and something more healthy. I gave him Green Tea Citron. We worked hard all day and have completed the Boris Compound as well as the division of the Dog Villa kennel into two separate units. The Small Dogs are too big to be sharing kennels as I can hear them arguing at night. It’s the same kennel, just with a division down the middle and two entrance doors. We also made the roof openable with hinges at the rear. Otherwise, it’s a bit like painting your hallway through the letterbox as the gynaecologist said. Poking a dog blanket through the door is not that easy.

The gate to the next door field is hung but requires some chainlink fence to complete it. Antonis will be back tomorrow to finish that and then I can clear a path from the Small Dog Compound out across the field. The plan is to be able to leave the camping via that route when the sheep are no longer present during the summer months. That avoids having to take the dogs through the main camping, Micky and any other customer and their dog.
Fido and Luis are no longer captives in the Small Dog Compound except for eating. Boris is no longer tied up and can wander at will in his new luxury compound with his new luxury doggy villa.  Fido and Luis can no longer attack Boris and visitors can now enter without fear of encountering Boris on a Bad Hair Day. Micky will no longer goad Boris by charging the fence and barking and Boris will no longer have direct sight of Micky.
It’s been a pretty dull and damp day with 2.3mm rain during the night. Unfortunately, the large vent in the van roof is leaking as I fear the sealant used when I installed it has failed due to the summer heat. I plan to completely remove it and reseal it after the summer. Hopefully, there will not be much more rain as we are nearly in April. The water just forms a puddle on the floor anyway and it’s only drips.
The German couple has left to continue their seven day holiday on the island. They are not going to see a lot during this visit as seven days it quite short especially having spent three of them here.
All the dogs are amazingly quiet for this time of day. Usually, they are very excited at the prospect of going for a walk. Today they have had Antonis to amuse them and we both spent quite a lot of time in the SDC fixing the Villa House. Dave had put himself in the house before we arrived to divide it. He seemed a little confused when suddenly the roof disappeared. His surprise didn’t last for long and he remained there as we banged and drilled to put in the partition although the angle grinder to cut out another doorway was more than he could cope with.
Just off to walk them, hopefully in the dry.


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