A little rain

Following a sunny start and morning, the afternoon clouded over and there is now a little rain. Just at about the time for the evening walk. The good news is that the ‘army lads’ who sometimes come to ‘kill’ each other on the Promontory of a Thursday evening, will probably have departed for fear of ‘getting their equipment wet’. As I’m certain the actress said to the bishop.

On my return last night, a ‘new’ customer was setting up on the space previously occupied by another German couple. It is Harry Fink and his partner, whose name I don’t recall. They have returned from Gavdos to spend a few days here and to help with the dogs. Not as adventurous as Ursula, as she came in the mornings as well, but game for the evening, which is often more demanding.
The Austrian guys with their motorhomes are welcoming their other halves and child, flown into Souda airport.
My weather website has been offline since this morning as I suspect my ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having a few problems. Even their own website was offline at one point. Not such a good situation if you are an Internet company. I’m sure it will come back on eventually – it’s a Greek company…
Princess keeps escaping from Stalag Luft 19 and annoying the Albanians by barking at them. I have spent a little time today closing off her various escape routes. She is much smaller than all the others and more determined. I drove a large metal spike into the ground which should hopefully make her think twice. She and Pea [why is he called Pea? -answers, on a postcard to: BBC…] are snuggled up on the big dog bed at present. The temperature has dropped due to the rain so it’s a little chilly now.
Other excitement today included picking up a load of rubbish overflowing from the outside bins and considerately scattered and examined by Micky and Five. It will be windy tomorrow so likely to become scattered far and wide. Not my job but I got fed up looking at it all.
On the subject of which, I’d better contact Manolis to bring some more gas since two of the cylinders in the kitchen are empty and the Albanians will be unable to create their cuisine.
The rain has stopped so better go for a walk whilst the going’s good.


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