There was no rain during the evening walk yesterday and it was still light when we returned. My assistant Dog wardens were with me which makes everything so much easier.

This morning we encountered the wife of the Austrian who has the black Labrador. She had found her way onto the Promontory and was heading away from the camping. The dog was discovered by my lot and then pursued back to the camping. The woman thought she was heading towards the camping and not to the sea. She was concerned that her dog might get lost at which point I showed her that she had been chased back to the camping so would simply go back inside. The Pack returned as expected and I put them on their leads shortly after as it was time to go back anyway.
I went to see that the dog had made it back into the camping and the woman was calmer and relieved. Her husband had told her not to go onto the Promontory at that time of day and I suggested that, should she wish to go there again, she set off with me so that her dog is included rather than chased back again.
It was cool, cloudy and miserable this morning but now the sun is out but it is also very windy with gusts to 40mp/h. I took Dave and Princess for a little walk past the field where the machine was working recently. A man was clearing and burning the trees and shrubs which had been cleared by the machine. The site is fairly large however it does not come that far back towards me. Whilst there, a guy in a car drew up and asked me about Princess. He showed me pictures of his dog which is similar in so much as it is white and fluffy. We talked briefly and he disappeared off on his way.
My cold is still with me although my voice, according to everyone else, is better than yesterday.
Work is commencing on the new accommodation project commissioned by Georgia. It is going to have one double and two singles but will not be of such elaborate construction as the Small Cabins. It is to be a continuation of the three which run north-south on the eastern boundary adjoining Cedar Bay Villas. I will take photos when there is something worth taking.
If we don’t all get blown away beforehand, I shall be accompanied by my Assistant Wardens on the evening walk. Perhaps it will be less exciting than this morning’s